Case Studies


The chief operating officer of an international restaurant and beverages business, based in multiple locations, appointed Kirkpatrick Consulting to coach the newly appointed business leadership team consisting of three general managers. The sponsoring client’s goals for the coaching was to help the business leaders to assimilate into their new roles, build self-confidence, improve communication and leadership capabilities.

Working on a one-one basis over six coaching sessions, occurring every two months, we identified and focused on the aspects of each coachee’s role, which they wanted to work on. Coach and coachee worked as a solutions-focused team, brainstorming solutions to specific business and leadership challenges, checking in on mindset to ensure self-enabling thoughts and beliefs were driving motivation for goal pursuit. Utilising a strengths-based approach, this involved ensuring each coachee was aware of their specific strengths and abilities and able to access these to their advantage and to achieve the goals they set themselves.

Results were measured through the coachees’ continuous self-assessment throughout coaching and through feedback from team members, colleagues and business leadership team. Improved confidence, communication e.g. with the board, senior leadership, through client and professional body presentations were noted results.

Career Transition

A project manager who had been working in banking operations for ten years plus, wanted to return to the role she had undertaken earlier in her career as a client advisor in wealth management.

Coaching over a twelve-month period involved assessment of her core values, skills, strengths and  preferred working style to identify and gauge aptitude and abilities that she could bring to this career path.

We built a career transition action plan, which including an intensive training programme to undertake the professional qualifications required, ensured business network was identified and scheduling informational interviews with people working in the wealth management sector to build knowledge of the environment, the companies operating in this sector and the type of role which might be available to allow first steps into the career change.

Once a number of the professional examinations were passed, networking and applications led to initial interviews. Coaching then supported her through practicing and preparing for each interview to facilitate optimum interview performance and through the offer and acceptance process, into the new role.


Kirkpatrick Consulting was asked to coach the interim financial controller who was transitioning into the permanent appointment as Head of Finance at a leading London headquartered, professional services firm.

Coaching was informed by feedback from the firm’s business leadership and practice heads, along with psychometric profiling providing an overview of preferred working and decision-making styles and strengths. Coach and coachee worked together to review the aspects of the role which the coachee wanted to work on, defined priorities for business delivery and an internal communications strategy, defining early, manageable goals to help to rapidly consolidate his position in the role and the firm.

Results were measured through the coachee’s self-assessment and through feedback from senior business leadership and human resources in the firm including improved self-confidence and having taken ownership of the role, delivered first results, with accuracy and timeliness, established good relationships with practice heads.