Jan Kirkpatrick

Londoner and New Zealander, career management consultant, with an early career in technology at Diageo and British Petroleum, followed by recruitment and management consultancy at EY, I’ve worked in executive search in financial services and professional services for 30+ years and have built an extensive knowledge of UK and global organisations, business functions and careers.

Qualified and accredited as a cognitive behavioural coach, with an advanced diploma in cognitive behavioural coaching and full member of the Association for Coaching; I began coaching in 2018, following a definitive experience coaching woman into leadership in the insurance sector. The results spoke for themselves. As a recruiter I focus on the appointment of an individual into a role; as a coach I facilitate the individual’s development into and effectiveness in the role.

My coaching experience includes career transition and talent mobility, performance, health and wellbeing, leadership transition and new role embedment. My solutions focused approach is to work with the coachee, to provide space and time for their self-reflection, to utilise cognitive behavioural methods to reframe self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, to drive future focus through goal setting and creating new guiding principles to support the coachee’s breakthrough themes.

Helping people and organisations to maximise their potential and deliver results