Service Delivery

Kirkpatrick Consulting delivers individual and leadership team coaching programmes through scheduled one-to-one coaching sessions
(on/near client site, via WebEx, Zoom or Teams).

Coaching is solutions and results focused. Coachee goals and progress are recorded and tracked, through a private, online account accessed by coach and coachee. The client/sponsoring client is provided with a dashboard view providing oversight of the business focused coaching goals and results, demonstrating the return on coaching investment.

NB: All coaching conversations are strictly confidential and no information is shared with clients/elsewhere, as to their nature or content.

Kirkpatrick Consulting’s coaching programmes and initiatives are delivered via Quenza, a coaching client engagement platform, which coachees access via mobile app or website. This allows messaging and communication directly between coach and coachee. Coaching programme materials including assessments, insightful papers, articles and coaching frameworks are shared directly to the coachees account. Goals and results are measured and tracked.

Coaching Products

Capability Profiling
Career Now
Personal Best Year
Career Reset
Career Reset +
Performance Breakthrough