Five step career success plan

Kirkpatrick Consulting’s simple, but highly effective, Five Step Career Success Plan encourages you to assess yourself, take charge and calibrate your brand before promoting yourself and taking manageable steps to achieve success.

  1. Know yourself
  • Identify and acknowledge your core values & beliefs, talents and strengths
  • Understand your communication style, motivations, drivers and interests
  • Review your current role and opportunities for development
  • Seek feedback so you know how you are perceived by others


  1. Take charge
  • Assume responsibility for your career
  • Seek out career opportunity, encourage it to find you
  • Build your career plan, know where and when you want to arrive
  • Write down your goals, visualise your success
  • Identify career blockages and work out how to eliminate or circumvent them


  1. Calibrate your brand
  • Differentiate yourself through your unique blend of skills, talents and abilities
  • Make a name for yourself in what you do best
  • Build and maintain your CV, your Linkedln profile and your business network


  1. Promote yourself
  • Become visible to your organisation, your profession, your industry
  • Tell people what you do
  • Speak up – make presentations to your business, speak at events
  • Create and publish thought leadership


  1. Act- taking manageable steps
  • Galvanise your resources: coaches, mentors, role models, advocates
  • Delegate and develop others so you are free to rise to the next level or to take up strategic projects
  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Stay current on emerging business and technological trends, learning and acquiring new skills as roles change and business evolves in the digital age
  • Network in your organisation, industry and profession


Jan Kirkpatrick, executive search and career coaching
helping organisations and people achieve their business goals

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