Facilitating recruitment best practice in candidate selection and onboarding

Supporting human resources, the talent acquisition team and hiring managers in the recruitment process through:

Candidate assessment – providing thorough, independent assessment of shortlisted candidates through PROPHET psychometric profiling, competency and behavioural interviewing, providing analysis and feedback to both candidate and hiring manager.

Employee onboarding – coaching and supporting the appointee in their new role, using organisational feedback, PROPHET psychometric profiling and cognitive behavioural coaching to embed the appointee into their role and organisation, optimising their assimilation and performance during the first months.

Introducing the best talent for the key roles to deliver results

In response to a client’s need for a confidential or urgent candidate search and/or to fill a key leadership role, we undertake executive search to deliver balanced, qualified shortlists of credible, engaged and referenced candidates.

We’re passionate about providing best market coverage, thorough candidate identification and assessment, against our client’s culture, business requirements and role specification.

Acting as a trusted adviser, we’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your business need, the organisation and culture, then design an executive search strategy to meet your requirements and timescale. Representing your business and your brand, we will utilise best practice executive search process and methodology, bringing you employment market and competitor insights, along with a timely, qualified shortlist of candidates.

Identifying talent and optimising human potential

In support of succession planning, leadership development and talent mobility, Kirkpatrick Consulting provides an assessment capability to identify underlying capabilities, talents, aptitudes, behavioural and character traits in the talent pool.

Using the PROPHET psychometric profiling tool, we provide analysis and feedback on preferred working styles, strengths, personal motivation, decision making styles and approach towards business activities.

Results can be used to inform an individual development plan or coaching programme.


Skills are short lived, talents, aptitudes and behaviours endure

Tailored coaching programmes for individuals experiencing career transition

Providing coaching to a valued employee, as they return to the business after a career break, leave the business following redundancy, or seek redeployment within the organisation. Career transition coaching helps to protect employer brand, improves employee engagement for those insitu and demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to employees’ career development. It ensures the impacted employee feels supported and builds a positive focus on their future career.

Underpinning the employer’s investment in their employees’ career development, Kirkpatrick Consulting provides tailored coaching programmes for executives and business leaders who are:

  • Returning after a career break
  • Impacted by redundancy
  • Seeking redeployment within the organisation
  • Facing a career blockage
  • Changing career direction

A programme of coaching and support is developed to meet individual needs and implemented over a three, six, nine or twelve-month period.

Career Reset

Career Reset Plus 

Optimising human potential, productivity and performance

Beyond delivering the business plan, results that prove the power and value of coaching to the organisation include:

  • Improved employee engagement
  • Behavioural and cultural change
  • Workforce agility and empowerment
  • Employee health and wellbeing
  • Improved team working and relationships
  • Individual and team performance
  • Strengthened leadership skills
  • Improved communications

Kirkpatrick Consulting provides one to one, solutions focused coaching programmes to facilitate individuals to meet their goals and fulfil their potential.

Using feedback and assessments to facilitate creation of coaching goals and to assess progress throughout the programme, goals and timescales are agreed and documented in the coaching contract.

One to one, confidential, coaching sessions and intersession support are provided, on site, near office or home location or over Zoom/Skype/Teams. Coaching goals are tracked and progress measured throughout the coaching programme using Quenza – A market leading coaching client engagement platform, accessible via website or mobile app, accessed and updated by coach and coachee throughout the programme.

Cognitive behavioural coaching facilitates personal and professional transformation to values and strengths centric goals, relegating self-limiting beliefs and defining new self-enabling guiding principles to assist transformation.

Your Personal Best Year

Breakthrough Performance